With outstanding visual as well as functional attributes, Design Laminates demonstrate the diversity of woven linen fabrics, available in a range of colours, patterns and structures.
Structural Laminates, technically and mechanically more resistant, have been specially engineered for their load bearing capabilities.
MESHLIN’s Sandwich_board - PHC composed of design or structural flax fibres and paper honeycomb core material.
MESHLIN’s Sandwich_board - CORK composed of design or structural flax fibres and Cork core material.
The construction panels developed by Meshlin and composed of nonwoven flax and paper honeycomb layers allow for screws and nails to be used.

Fulfilment of UL94_V0 flammability standard

Plastics including composites have become one of the most useful types of material known to vehicle industry. Plastic and bio-resins are high molecular weight material composed of repeating organic molecules (monomers). Due to their chemical composition, they can often easily ignite when exposed to sufficient heat in the presence of oxygen.

As flame retardant capability of interior components are required, especially in vehicle applications, MESHLIN has developed its own flame retardant solution by paying attention to keep the necessary mechanical properties for both natural fibres and bio-resin. Currently accomplished flame retardant standards for bio-composite products (PLA/Flax and BioEpoxy/Flax) are:
• UL94_V0 (US standard)
• UL94 V-0 , ISO 9772, ISO 9773, ISO 4589-1, ISO 13927, ISO 5660-1 (EN standards, corresponding to above US one)

Flame Retardancy Meshlin

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