Meshlin Composites Zrt. was founded by the owners of Meshining Engineering Ltd and Bonitas Risk Capital. The company was established in order to develop, product and distribute MeshlinTM Full Bio-composite product line.

Meshining Engineering has been providing industrial engineering services for the automotive sector since 2006 , including composite calculations, crash simulations, structural analysis and optimisation and has extensive experience in production of manufacturing tools for prototypes. On the basis of that comprehensive knowledge, Meshlin Composites invents new kind of products and offers sustainable solutions for various applications where conventional materials can be substituted. An outstanding know-how in calculation and adjustment of mechanical behaviours of bio-composites in both usual and extreme circumstances has enabled Meshlin Composites to provide new kind of full bio-composite prepregs. MeshlinTM has been used as the base material of several wallpanels, furnitures, e-vehicles, sporting goods and covering elements as well as structural parts. Meshlin Composites is fully aware of the trends and emerging demand of sustainable materials due to environmental considerations. The company has strong devotion to provide bio-solutions for our partners from design to manufacturing.

head office

Meshlin Composites Zrt.
Bükkfa u. 3., 9027 Győr

production unit

Meshlin Composites Zrt. Bükkfa u. 3., 9027 Győr Hungary